Social Media

I have written many posts about social media over the years. I’ve been able to find breadcrumbs of my thoughts going back to around 2009 about it.

Deleting Facebook that is.

It really is a poison to me. I would have easily burnt through actually years worth of hours on social media. And it isn’t just the time you are endlessly scrolling, it is the fact it takes over everything you do.

  • You look at something and think “I’ll take a photo of that and post it – how cool”.
  • You do things you normally wouldn’t do just so you can post it.
  • You get a snarky comment – it consumes you.
  • And in later years – politics and conspiracy theories.

In the early days of Facebook, it started to affect me negatively as I was not really happy with my life and what I had done with it. The evils of comparison had set it, and it was not until many years afterward I realised that just about everyone is falsely portraying their lives on the great blue crack pipe.

In later years I added Instagram and Twitter. Before I knew it, I was jumping aimlessly between them all.

The Covid and Trump years took their toll as well. I lost many friends due to what they would post on social media. Everyone now seems insane on some level.

I am taking the rest of this year off social media. I hope it is more permanent actually. My last stretch was 90 days and it felt good.

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